Pancakes Do Not Make You Fat, Diets Do

When you eat less, you lose weight.

But when you eat less on a diet, I think of it as  “hostile” weight loss.  It is not in harmony with your body, you and your body resent the hunger you feel, the restrictions, the lack of freedom.   So, your body eventually wins, and you gain it back (and more) and the cycle resumes… (look at your personal history…)

When you lose weight with your thin mentality I like to describe it as “amiable” weight loss.  Your thin mentality is harmonious, go with the flow, flexible, happy, peaceful, joyful.  You gently re learn to match how much you consume with your true hunger.  Weight loss is slow, yes, but it is a permanent change, and it doesn’t “hurt,” and you don’t count down the days until you are “done.”

Do you think you aren’t capable of this  because you ate a whole pizza when you went off your last diet?  NO! That does NOT mean you are a pig.  It means you were freaked out.  I used to eat so much after I was “through” with a diet that I thought I was one of those people who couldn’t be trusted around food.  NOT SO.  And believe me, I really really had bought into the lie that I needed to control my eating or I would gain 100 pounds.

So this picture I have here is the “leftovers” I took home last time I ate at Bob’s Big Boy.  This is about half of the total portion I was served (plus an egg which I ate.)  I know this is boring to recount what I ate, but I feel like many of you need to see this stuff too- which is so normal and understandable.

So, as a dieter if I had gone to this restaurant I would have finished it all, not knowing when I would allow myself to eat some delicious pancakes again. Not now.  Now I know when I crave ham and pancakes and an egg, I will enjoy.  So I don’t over load myself now, I enjoy every bite, with butter and syrup and wish I could explain it to the lady next to me who told me I was lucky to have a good metabolism.

It is not a good metabolism that keeps me thin, it is a happy, healthy,normal relationship with food and eating.  So so few people have this these days, but I am here to help you get that normalcy back.