Over Fortified Cereal- Example Of Over Focus On Nutrition Instead Of Amount Of Food

Of course nutrition is important.  It is just that we value nutrition above an equally important concept: Eating appropriate amounts of food.

I wasn’t surprised to hear of a growing concern that kids are getting too much of certain vitamins from fortified cereals:   http://www.cbsnews.com/news/over-fortified-cereals-may-pose-risk-to-kids/

We would be so much better off teaching our kids to eat appropriate amounts of food by modeling what I call “thin mentality” behavior instead of pushing food that we believe is healthful, only to accidentally overload them with dangerous amounts of vitamins.

Thin mentality behavior respects hunger, cravings and, of course, satiety.  The benefits of learning how to eat this way are manifold and include:

  1. Lower stress:  Weight concerns cause an incredible amount of stress.
  2. Stabilized weight: Your thin mentality will guide you to your ideal weight range and you will stay there.  No more yo-yo weight loss/gain.
  3. Increased joy: Reconnecting with the joy of eating and the incredible gift of food makes life so much happier. When you fear food and have a perverted relationship with eating, you lose that!
  4. Self image improvement:  Your thin mentality will help you to respect and appreciate your body.  And you will work with Mother Nature, not against her,  as you get to your ideal weight range.

So, don’t waste any more time trying to eat perfectly.  Learn to eat responsively instead.  And your body will start guiding you as soon as you start to listen.  I promise, your voice is there.  She is just whispering because you have ignored her for so long.