Oh Gee, You “Get To” Eat Bread

A new ad for a weight loss program shows this lady so happy because she is “allowed to eat bread.’

Is that how you want to live?  Do you really want someone to tell you that you can eat bread?  Don’t you want to be a grown up?

It is like the soda rule in New York.

I am not saying people should swig a 2 liter soft drink bottle.  I just want you to get mad at all the profit driven bossiness.  I want you to say:


“When my body craves a soft drink, I will drink it. Now leave me alone!  And,  when my body wants some bread and butter, I will eat it.  And as soon as my body tells me that I have had enough, I will stop.  I respect the wisdom of my body far more than that lady who is being paid to dance around and say how great dieting is.”  And, that is why I am thin 

I read an article right after New Year’s by this guy who was making fun of his annual trip to Weight Watchers.  He was funny, the way he wrote it, but really it was so sad.  He was trying to make the best of it, but every year, he lost weight because he felt very motivated at the in-person weigh ins,(didn’t want to disappoint!) but he always gained it back.

Here is the link to it! Read it for great motivation on NOT DIETING!!

It is on page 54 and is called “Fatman Begins”  by Bob Woodiwess-  it is from Cincinnati Magazine