Now The AMA Says Obesity Is A Disease

Who benefits if we consider obesity a disease?

Whether you are slightly overweight and tired of dieting, or much heavier, don’t let the new AMA decision to classify obesity as a disease make you disrespect your body.

Your body was born with a beautiful system intact to keep you at a healthy weight: hunger and satiety.

But we have “polluted” our bodies with diet messages that end up corrupting our relationship with hunger and satiety and set you up for binge eating.

That is where rapid weight gain comes.

Ask yourself this.  Why are we so impressed by nature’s balance only when it is outside of our own bodies?

We admire and protect the impressive equilibrium of eco systems including mountains, polar bears, turtles, rivers, yet we don’t respect the beautiful balance of our own bodies.

Obesity causes disease.

But obesity is a disease?

I guess the scientists can argue about this.

I live in the real world with real people struggling with real weight problems, whether it is 5 pounds or 100 pounds.

Whether you want to say obesity is a disease or not, the solution is not to diet.  The solution is to reconnect with the natural regulation of your body’s weight by respecting both hunger and satiety.