Hey Noom- Where Are All The Thin People?

Avoid falling prey to diet industry corporations like Noom.  And ask, where are all the studies that show Noom works long term?

There aren't any.

1.   Notice that the scientific study that Noom has on its home page was conducted in Korea from 2012-2014.

Is this the freshest, best research they have?  Seems like this mega corporation with "science at the heart of everything," would have some recent, better studies, don't you think?

And why did the people in the study consist of only obese men, and women who didn't need to lose weight, or were overweight, but not obese?   Hmmm.

And why is the link to this study in a tiny font?

Is this the best research Noom has?  

2.   Google reviews of Noom and click on their "renewal scheme lawsuits." 

Does Noom seem like a company that you want to hand over your credit card to?  Why do they make it so hard to quit if it is so good?  

3.  Look at the way they personify their AI, Artificial Intelligence

They make people think that they are getting a person, a true coach.  A "goal specialist" for example. Well, it's bots, all bots.  Hmmm.  And yes, they have gotten in trouble for misleading people on that too.

4.  The over arching principles of Noom are the "psychology of weight loss" and "personalization." 

But, their questionnaire was very vague and when I completed it,  and told me that I am like 300,000 other people they have helped.  That doesn't sound like personalized service to me!  

The psychological expertise of Noom isn't in weight loss, it is in decision making. Their "join now" questionnaire is masterfully designed to deliver you to the BUY page.

They ask you how to sell you, you tell them, and then they do!  

5.  The two founders, folks, are entrepreneurs with engineer, AI and software backgrounds. 

Their strength is apps that sell, not apps that deliver weight loss.

Folks, this is nothing new. 

Snake oil salesmen have always, and will always be a part of our lives.  It is up to us to use and objective eye to determine the worthlessness of their products.  

When you are a dieter, you are vulnerable because you feel desperate.  Don't let that desperation lead you to join Noom, or any other diet program.

Because, if they worked, you'd already be thin....