No Pill Necessary

Have you ever thought how fantastic it would be to be able take a pill and to eat whatever you want?

I used to think that.

Now, I don’t need a pill and I eat whatever I want.

Yes, and you can too.

This is how it happens:

First-  you go through a stage of disbelief that you can eat whatever food you want.  You go through the grocery store going up and down every aisle, putting things in your cart that you had sworn off for years, or decades.  You don’t look at labels.  You go out to dinner and look at the whole menu.  You just can’t believe that you are free.

In this stage you must focus on one “rule” only:  Eat whatever you want when you are hungry.  You delay eating until you are hungry.  Not putting food into your body, when you are not hungry, is the “cost” you pay for eating whatever you want when you ARE hungry.

It seems weird at first.  And that it seems weird, is, actually, the weird thing.  It is so so so NORMAL!!

You don’t trust this at first.  But eventually, you do.  You start to hear your body.  You don’t fear hunger, because being hungry is great.  That is when you get to eat.  You start to WANT to wait for hunger to eat because it is much more satisfactory and it makes you feel powerful.

And, please know this:  Your food choices evolve over time.

You used to think that you would only eat cupcakes if you could.  But, after you have been “free” for a while, and you are good at listening, you realize that while cupcakes are great when you crave them, cupcakes are not great when you are craving meat, or fruit or vegetables.

And guess what?  You will crave a wide variety of foods.  And you will learn how quickly your body is satisfied.  You will get to know your hunger and what takes care of it the best for you.  And you will feel how harmonious and delightful it is to truly enjoy what you crave, eat enough to feel completely good, and then get on with your life.

Eating does not need to this big exercise in aggravation, angst and restriction mixed with bingeing!!

If you saw a week’s worth of food that I eat as a thin mentality person, you would see a huge variety.  You would see food from every food group.  And you would see that I eat plenty of nutritious food.  And you would see a big smile on my face because I got to eat what my smart body wanted.  And if you asked me, “Don’t you wish you could have had more of this or that?” I would say, “No.”  There is ZERO desire for more.

Are you thinking, “She is just one of those people who doesn’t love food?”  You are WRONG.  I love food, I look forward to it.  I take care of myself with the food I love.  But at this point in my thin mentality, if you “made” me eat something when I wasn’t hungry, I would be mad.

Building your thin mentality takes time.  You have a lot of diet training to get out of your mind.
It takes being willing to go after long-term success, when others around you are going on quick fix diets.  But when they gain it back, and live in fear of the food they love, you will know that you have it right.