No More Good Food Bad Food

I used to think that eating anything “bad” for me was a mark of weakness.  I used to shy away from foods I loved and eat stuff I didn’t love.

I used to go to Wendy’s after I worked out, and order two chicken sandwiches and just eat the chicken out of both of them.  That way I would eat a whole bunch of protein and no white bread.   But then, later that night, or the next day or week, I would lose control and eat a whole box of snack packs I had bought for my kids’ lunches.

Now I look back on that as funny.  I picture myself having to go out to the grocery store to rebuy the food for my kids!  How silly this was.  What a waste of time and energy and love!

Why was I like this??  Because dieting had so screwed me up, I had no idea how or what to eat anymore.

I have regained a normal, healthy, and happy relationship with food, since 2000.  And my website, blogs, facebook,  podcasts, twitter, books, etc. is from my passion to help others climb out of that awful diet hell.


Please read my blogs and notice the common themes.  Building a thin mentality and ditching your diet mentality is about reconnecting eating with hunger.  And, it is about enjoying food again, eating the food you love, and understanding that putting yourself on a diet, which your body perceives as a famine, is DANGEROUS to your happiness.

Your body will make you pay for ignoring hunger.   Your biology is going to do everything possible to make you eat.  You will not understand how you could diet, and then how you could be such a weakling.

But it actually makes perfect sense.  Your biology will help you diet at first.  It will think you need to survive some awful famine, so you will adapt to less food.  Your body will conserve energy.  Your weight loss will slow.  And your body will want your appreciation!  It has saved you from starvation!

And then, when you go off your diet, your body will pack on the pounds to help you through the next famine.  You will DIET YOUR WAY TO FATNESS.

So the next time you see a delicious cupcake, please think of me.  I don’t gorge on cupcakes now, as I used to after a diet, I savor them.  I put them in a pretty domed plate on my counter.  And when I am hungry for one, I eat it so happily.  I don’t eat a pound of protein instead!

And you know what?  I am healthier and happier this way than I ever was as a dieter.

You must know what I mean?  Dieting makes you sad and stressed.  That is so harmful.  Get happy, lose the diet and start eating because you are HUNGRY.  And yes, STOP eating when your hunger is quiet.

It will take a bit to get used to this.  You won’t believe that you could lose weight this way.

But let me tell you, you will not only lose weight, you will gain happiness and peace.

I am so happy that I have a cupcake on my counter just waiting for my next sweet hunger craving.  Who knows when that will be?  Today ?  Tomorrow? Wednesday?  I don’t know.  I don’t care.  I am free.