Our message here is to disconnect from your diet mentality and develop a Healthy Thin Mentality (HTM) instead. 

HTM eating is based on the principles of eating intuitively.

But HTM eating has a slightly different take on eating intuitively...

Most eating intuitive programs are geared toward accepting being heavier than you want to be.  And that is completely fine.   Obviously, that is totally your choice.

But I focus on intuitive eating that guides you to lose weight by helping your body and mind recover from the injury of past diets.  

Yes, dieting literally breaks you.

To heal, you have to actively repair that relationship between you and your innate eating instincts.

You must remember, our bodies fiercely defend us against food shortages. 

You just can't cut calories and not understand the impact that has on your body.

The impact that has on you cannot be overstated!

Do you remember the first time you diet, and that feeling of wow, it's just so easy to lose weight?

That's because that's the first time you dieted.  But from then on, your body is set to be on guard for food shortages.

Can you change this?  Yes, this is what the healing is all about.

How do I know?

Because I have done this myself and I have helped thousands of people in countries all over the world do this as well.

But it takes a commitment to understanding why diets don't work, and then replacing that diet mentality with Healthy Thin Mentality thoughts. 

Our workbook and online course go through all of this, step by step.

Here is the kind of thing our workbook/online course goes over to help you ward off diet mentality thoughts.

This is from our "HTM MANTRAS" section:

"Where has common sense gone!  Now, people are comparing sugar cravings with cocaine addiction. This silly thought was popular about 15 years ago when someone pointed to a study of rats who behaved just as addicted to sugar as they were cocaine.  Well, they neglected to say that they starved the rats!  So, yes,  if you are starving, you are going to treat sugar like cocaine because you're trying to survive!"

It is misinformation like this that reinforces diet mentality thinking and demonizing food groups.

It is important to become familiar with these kinds of misrepresentations as you build your HTM.  

As you leave your diet mentality behind, and join us in the happy, healthy thin mentality world, take the time to do the work of understanding how we all got where we are- overweight and obsessed with food and eating, and how to return to normalcy, stress-free eating, AND your happy weight.