My Grandmother Didn’t Know What She Weighed

I remember asking my grandmother how much she weighed.  She giggled and said she had no idea.  She thought hard back to her last doctor’s appointment, and came up with a number, but she wasn’t sure she remembered it right.

She has been my model for building a thin mentality.  She was tiny, ate whatever the heck she wanted, and lived to be 86.  She loved her lamb chop, her baked potato with butter and salt, and a small vegetable serving to go with her Manhattan cocktail.

She had candy all around her apartment, and as a little kid, I noticed her attitude was so different than my mother, a rigid dieter, who weighed herself constantly.

So, as part of me transitioning to a thin mentality, about 20 years ago, I stopped weighing myself.  It was scary, for sure.  Oh my, I am going to blow up if I don’t have the reckoning of the scale to face every morning.

Not true, that is a diet mentality.  Instead of that external cue to tell how much I should eat that day, I now rely on the best signal for eating:  true hunger, of course!

No longer am I deflated by a number on the scale, and no longer am flattered by it.  It is a by-product of my thin mentality, not the goal.  Do you see how different that is?

Please understand that this is not an “out.”  This doesn’t mean I don’t care about being thin and that I think you should give up.  To the contrary!  I am trying to show you and model for you the kind of thin behavior that is a permanent solution,  an enjoyable journey, and is good for your health.

Haven’t you ever eaten something because the number on the scale was down?  Yep, I bet you have.