More On Katie Couric And Her Eating Disorder


On her new show, Katie talked about having bulimia when she was in college. The pressure to be thin made her adopt a diet mentality that created such a good food – bad food mentality that if she ate one thing- even a stick of regular gum, she freaked out!
That is such a sad story!  Can you imagine all the time and energy she lost doing that?
Even if you don’t have a disorder like that, if you are overly obsessed with food and eating, you are suffering too.
Mother nature didn’t create us to struggle so much with simply eating!  We have turned a wonderful pleasure- eating- into an exercise in complete frustration!
We have been told that eating is complicated and that you must balance all the calories and protein and fat and vitamins!!
Folks, stop it!
There is no such thing as perfect eating.  Your body will guide you to what you need.  Your body is smart.
Here is an example of a smart body.   I got food poisoning the other day- OMG was that awful.  Did my brain know that what I ate was rotten?
No, my smart body did.  It said –  no way am I keeping this rotten food in here and I exploded-!
Ha Ha- you know – threw up many many times.
I count on my body to know when I am poisoned- and to make me sick.  I trust my body to tell me when I am hungry and when I am full.  I trust my body to tell me when I need protein, when I need greens and when I need cake.  And  yes, sometimes I need cake.
I know you think that won’t happen for you.  I know you think you will only crave cake.  Or ice cream or whatever.  That is not true.  You have been taught to mistrust your beautiful body.  And maybe your parents ate all the time, never in response to true hunger, so you never learned to listen.
I say bla bla bla to all of that.  Don’t let past defeat ensure future defeat.  It is NEVER too late to learn to listen to your instincts.  They are still within you, and are just waiting for you to respect them.
To help you, I wrote a book too.  Again, please understand that I am not all about selling a book to you.   But I want you to know that it is available.
I wish someone, when I was younger had helped me stop dieting and wasting my life.  I want to help you.