Modeling A Healthy Thin Mentality

Since there is just one “rule” with a thin mentality–eat when hungry–I have found it helpful to just give examples of thin eating versus diet mentality eating to help people understand the difference.

Healthy thin eaters look forward to being hungry.
Dieters fear their hunger

Healthy thin eaters know how to take care of their hunger
Dieters have no idea what their bodies are truly craving

Healthy thin eaters don’t base their eating choices on the future or the past
Dieters count up how many calories–or points, whatever– to decide if they should eat

Healthy thin eaters value their hunger and don’t waste it on food they don’t like
Dieters will eat a stale bag of cookies on the eve of a new diet

Healthy thin eaters do not worry about how to handle food at a party
Dieters may even skip a party to avoid food.

Healthy thin eaters eat nutritious food because their bodies crave it
Dieters eat nutritious food because Dr. Oz told them to.

Healthy thin eaters have a little bedtime snack if they are hungry
Dieters go to bed early and avoid the kitchen to avoid eating

Healthy thin eaters end up eating less, over time, than dieters, at a much more even pace.
Dieters eat a lot one day and then starve themselves the next

Healthy thin eaters know that if they eat a calorie dense food when they are hungry for it, that later on in the day, their appetite will reflect that.
Dieters eat a calorie dense food and often binge because they “already ruined their diet.”

There are so many examples, I will keep them coming.  Hopefully, if you don’t know a naturally thin person, these examples will help.