Losing Weight With Your Thin Mentality

Losing weight with your thin mentality is permanent and harmonious. You will not get the “I feel empty like I’m losing weight” feeling. That is a short-term weight loss feeling. Thin mentality weight loss won’t “hurt.”

It is a gradual reconnection to your ideal weight range.

As you develop your thin mentality, here is your number one job: Every time you are in a potential eating situation, ask yourself if you are hungry. Then, as you eat, keep checking in with yourself- ask yourself, could you just put it down for a little while? And if you can, just see if you can delay eating anymore for ten minutes. That ten minutes may become two hours or even four hours and that delay in eating allows your body to digest the wonderful food you have given it without having to deal with “extra” food.

From my experience, the second half of this equation- the checking in with yourself while you are eating, takes more getting used to than waiting for hunger.

This is why-

When you diet, you tend to be in a feast or famine mode. So as you are eating, if you are satisfying true hunger and really enjoying your food, you start to hear those voices- “I have already eaten too much, may as well eat more….I have eaten chips which are so bad that I might as well keep eating…I am going to exercise later so I am just going to eat a bit more…”

All these phrases are deeply ingrained in the dieter. Recognize them and refuse to honor them. Instead, pay attention to that fantastic body you have- yes you do!!!!- and wait for more hunger to continue eating.

This is where weight loss occurs: when you have really keyed in to the appropriate time to stop eating (when hunger is gone of course!)

So if you are concerned about making progress with your thin mentality, keep this blog in the front of your mind. Remember, you can eat beautiful food- salty food, chocolate, steak, chicken, salad, etc…. as long as you feel hunger. And then, pay attention when hunger subsides.

Thin Mentality people know this important concept:

It takes less food to satisfy you than you previously thought.

But again, please, please, please don’t let that scare you. Dieters are scared of not eating because they can’t eat when they feel hunger. But you, my thin mentality friend CAN. NO fear. NO deprivation. Just a wonderful life reconnecting eating with hunger.