Lose Weight, Regain The Joy Of Eating

If you are hungry, and eat what you think “should” be enough, but you are still hungry, then your body is telling you to eat more, isn’t it?  Listen to your body and put judgments aside.  Remember all that matters is your voice.  Your body.  In this present moment.  But do not engage in  “deal-making” or conversations like, “If I eat this then I won’t eat that bla bla bla!!”

Really look forward to being hungry. It is great. It is a gift that we can get hungry, and then we get to eat! How fun is that?

We have lost this joy and that is so so sad.  Instead we shove food down in guilt or behind closed doors and then suffer thru under eating later to counteract the overeating.  What a viscous and unhealthy cycle, don’t you agree?

So just remain calm and connected to your body and your body’s signals. It takes time to reacquaint yourself with the cravings and hunger and satiety that you have been trained to ignore !  Give yourself a chance. And remember not to fear hunger.  Learn to satisfy your hunger in the most pleasing way for you. When you understand that hunger is an opportunity and not a problem you will be well on your way to your thin mentality.  Hunger is great. Use it to connect with yourself.

And remember, not eating when you ARE hungry is just as harmful as eating when you are NOT hungry.  Both disconnect you from your body.  Where/when does weight loss occur?  When you learn to keep yourself happily in that neutral space- where when you get hungry you eat enough to quell hunger, but not enough to feel “full.”  

Full is when your body is screaming at you to stop eating.  Don’t make your body scream at you!!!  Respect your body’s calm, “I am not hungry anymore,” and stop eating then.  

If you think that is too hard for you, you are over-worrying.  I promise.  I was worried too.  But the thing is that when you can eat whenever you are hungry, you will stop worrying and calm down.  Dieting has made you fear hunger.  Hunger stinks.  It ruins your day.  Skate in that happy neutral zone and you will feel good, and lose weight.  So normal, so reasonable.  So effective.

How much food will that take for you?  Don’t worry or judge.  Listen to your body.  It will tell you. And as always, think Progress Not Perfection!!