Lifestyle Experts Are Just Selling Diet Advice

Doctors frequently recommend “lifestyle coaches” to help overweight patients figure out what to eat.  But, lifestyle choices can be summed up so easily- lean meats, limit sweets, lots of fruits and vegetables and exercise. We all get that, it isn’t complicated.  Problem is, it doesn’t work.

People fall into a good food/ that leaves them obsessed with food. Normal people when put on a diet (and lifestyle change is another word for diet) become abnormally obsessed with food.

Doctors need to advise patients to reconnect with their hunger and satiety cues, as well as with their cravings.  This will enable patients to calmly, reasonably, and happily chose the proper food for themselves with ease.

Craving isn’t a bad word. It is mother nature’s signal. The profit-driven diet industry including doctors like Dr. Oz, have a huge stake in making us think we need “experts” to tell us what to eat. And those experts frequently do not treat us as individuals,

If you are a 35 year old 180 pound lady, your recommendations will not be different from the 35 year old 180 pound lady sitting next to you- but you may be very different indeed. And your body knows that, even if the doctor in front of you doesn’t.

Reconnect with your body, and you won’t need to pay an “expert” to tell you how fabulous antioxidants are.  You will crave foods rich in vitamins, including antioxidants, as well as foods that aren’t.  And that is fine.