Less Eating, More Enjoyment, Less Guilt, More Pleasure

Yes, if you are heavy now, even 10 pounds overweight, once you develop your thin mentality you will, indeed be eating less.

Don’t panic!

Why not?

Because when you eat what you want when you are hungry, life is good.  It is denying food when you really need something that STINKS!  Ha!  Really, it does.

I remember dieting and having that weak feeling and grumpy state of mind from no carbohydrates.  And I will tell you, that I think I had good willpower.  I would bust through those times and end the day with the “right” amount of calories, carbs, etc., for whatever diet I was on.  But when I got to my goal weight, I felt like I was a rubber band that was going to snap back.

And I always did.   I NEVER stayed at that goal weight for honestly more than a day!?!

But eating less with my thin mentality is NOT HARD.  I am not fighting myself.


Last night at dinner I barely ate my entree.  (We were out.)  That would never have happened when I was a dieter.  I would have shoved it down because I was about to go on a diet and I “better eat it while I can,”  or I would have been on a rigid diet and not ordered what I really wanted and scarfed up every bite, or I would have been on a diet and just gone off of it because I couldn’t stand it.  (And having a glass of wine with dinner always gave me some extra courage to ditch my diet for the night.)

It is not hard to refuse food when I am at dinner and not hungry.  Believe me that this would have seemed so unbelievable to me 12 years ago.

Why the heck would I eat this and make my body feel bad (overeating feels BAD when you are in touch with your body!) when I can eat whenever and whatever I want when I am hungry?

No motivation for over eating whatsoever.

So you love food!?

So do I.  I enjoy food more than when I was a dieter, more than when I just gave up, more than ever.  It is a joy.

And being joyful and thin is worth the complete perspective shift and the effort it takes to develop your thin mentality.

Honestly, stick with me, I am here to help you with as much encouragement as I can.  Why?  Because I wish someone had helped me.  🙂

So today-  every time you are hungry, notice it, notice how much or little it takes to satisfy yourself.  See how your hunger comes (and goes, it is not a straight line.)  Get to know yourself and what you like.  What do you crave?  What food did you think you liked, but now that you are “free” to eat it, it isn’t all that exciting?

Take the time to figure this stuff out.

It will help you connect with yourself, and stay true to your body,  Your body is your “friend,” and on your side.  Be nice to it.