Leave MJ Alone Mike!!

I was watching a reality show- OK, I am not proud of that, but oh well.   The girl “MJ” on the show- Shahs of Sunset is really pretty but her friends tell her she is too heavy.  And there was a fight because a guy on the show- Mike- told her that she shouldn’t order a chocolate croissant.

Now I have no idea if this was even a real conversation, but assuming it was, I wanted to jump in to the TV and take her by the hand and explain how a thin mentality works.  She looked hurt by his comment and I bet she was- or she is a good actor.

I imagine that this kind of scene happens MILLIONS of times a day across the world.  Someone is told not to eat something cause they are “chubby.”

But they have it all wrong!

When you put something off limits, it gives it power.  When I was a dieter, I put lots of things off limits. So of course I obsessed about them.

Now, with my thin mentality, a chocolate croissant is just a food.  If I eat one, I am not “bad.”  And if I resist one I am not “good.” Again, it is just a food.

Behaving like a thin person instead of a dieter means that if you are craving something and you are hungry, you eat it!  And it also means that if you are offered food but you are NOT HUNGRY, you wouldn’t dream of eating it.  It would be like scratching your arm when it didn’t itch-  why would you??

The life of a dieter is rigid, confining and depressing and perverts your relationship with food, eating and your body.

The life of a thin mentality person can be great or awful- but it doesn’t depend on food!!  The thin mentality person is free from food obsession, has connected eating with hunger, and is free to enjoy a life in harmony with their body and biological drive to eat.  Whew!!

Tell Mike to leave MJ alone!!