Enjoy the benefits of fasting within your healthy thin mentality mindset.  

If you are one of those people who naturally go for hours without hunger, then honor that.  

I am not telling you to skip meals when you are hungry!

But, if you are like me and frequently don't get hungry at the typical breakfast time, do not buy into the, "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day," mantra supported by the cereal industry!

No, use your body's natural desire to take a break for eating to feel fantastic, and in the end, eat less.

Some HTM eaters do not do this! Some do.  It is not a decision you make, it is an instinct you follow.

So if you find yourself going from 7 pm until noon the next without eating, don't despair, don't celebrate, don't judge.  

This is just how your body guides you.  Respect it.

If you choose to follow a fasting program, understand that it will bring back all the negativity of diet mentality thinking.  Confining eating to "food windows," is very different than going for periods of time not eating with your HTM.

With your HTM, you always respect hunger, and non hunger.   So even though I typically don't eat breakfast, if I wake up hungry, I eat with joy, gratitude and the best sauce of all, hunger.