If Hunger Is Gone, Leave That Last Bite Behind

Do you think you will just eat everything and anything if you stop dieting?

Honestly, I was like that.  I remember evenings when I would wander around my kitchen eating my kids snack packs and treats I was so desperate to keep eating.  So naturally, I thought that if I stopped dieting I would eat even more and explode!

This is why we keep dieting: fear!

But remember, the reason I was hunting around for food in my kitchen long after dinner was because I had denied, denied, denied myself for so long.  I would diet and eat foods I didn’t like and forgo things when I was hungry.  That resulted in backfire eating and “trolling” for food late at night.

So- as you begin to understand this, you too will have fear and be like a brand new baby learning how to eat again.

So try this.  As you are eating something you love when you are hungry, see if you can leave a bite behind.  The reason?  Think how unusual it would be if some random pastry that you selected was  EXACTLY the amount you needed!!  So get used to looking at food on your plate as merely a “suggested” serving portion.  And see what happens if you leave a bite behind.

For me, when I was starting to build my thin mentality, this was helpful because it made me feel like I was in control, and more powerful over food.  It also surprised me to learn how much I didn’t miss that last bite.  Fifteen minutes later, I was on to something else and that last bite was a memory.

But think how significant it is if you can learn to adjust your portions to YOU instead of just accepting what someone puts on a plate for you!  Honestly, try this.

And by the way, the reverse is true too.  Sometimes, there isn’t enough on your plate either.  Same thing applies here.  Don’t let a suggested portion usurp your ability to decide if you still feel hunger or not.

Remember, think progress, not perfection!  It takes a while to re-learn how to eat!!  But you can do it and I wish I could express better how much eating with a thin mentality will improve your life- You will be happier, healthier, and calmer. And…. Your weight will reflect your healthy thin mentality.