What if you changed that to "I want weight loss that is permanent."

Because "NOW" and permanent do not go together.

"NOW" is quick fix, keto, fasting, ignoring hunger, denial, strange rules, sadness, deprivation, guilt, anger.

PERMANENT weight loss by building your Healthy Thin Mentality (HTM) is joyful, delicious, harmonious, fun, life affirming,

BUT IT IS NOT QUICK. IT IS NOT 10 pounds in 10 days.

But it is joyful, fun and so much easier than dieting. So you choose. Quick and horrible? Or permanent and joyful.

It seems like an easy choice, but we love quick. And that "Quick Fix" mentality is what keeps the diet industry booming.

"Tell them they will be thin by summer."

"Tell them they will drop two jean sizes by next weekend.

"Tell them they won't be hungry."

I worked for Nutri Sytem - I saw exactly how it works. This is what we were told to say. Diet companies, even influencers who promote diets are BUSINESSES. They are making money off of your pain.

They want you as a customer FOR LIFE.

(I quit Nustrisystem when I saw amazing people, beaten down by our diet, regaining weight, and signing up again. I knew it was a farce.)

Friends, when you lose your hunger because you are on a diet, that is the biggest cause of rapid rebound weight gain! Your body goes into hoarding mode. After your diet is over, one potato causes a 3 pound weight gain.

Yes, your body is protecting you from starvation with a lower metabolism and an increased attraction to food. So you go on another diet because you have shown yourself how uncontrollable you are.

But the diet is what caused this!

This is what your Quick Fix mentality gets you!

Friends, can you be patient?

Can you tell the person who is bugging you to lose weight to leave you alone?

Can you tell yourself that you deserve permanent weight loss, not another miserable yo-yo cycle?

Can you give your body a couple of months to heal from your last diet and then experience the joy of harmonious weight loss?

Some of you will lose weight right away building your HTM. But if you just came off keto, or another extreme diet, you need to teach your body to trust you. You need to pair hunger and eating and get back into that rhythm of trust with your body.

When your body trusts that you will not starve it again, or bully it with weird cleanses, "challenges," or fasting, the weight loss begins.

And you will never look back.