I Refuse To Deny Myself French Fries

I used to deny myself french fries or anything fried.

Now I eat fried chicken when I want it.  And, I eat french fries.

The difference:

When I used to finally crack and binge on fried chicken, I would eat a sick amount. Now, since it isn’t a big forbidden treat, I eat a nice amount, (one breast?) with the skin, by the way, and am completely satisfied.

And when I eat a hamburger and french fries, you are right.  I never eat the whole thing.  I probably eat about half.

But you must understand that I am not being good.

When you finally get rid of your diet mentality, it isn’t about being good or bad.  It isn’t about eating perfectly.  It isn’t about counting calories.  It is about eating in response to your body.  I know I sound like a broken record, but I know the diet mentality “broken record” is playing on TV and the Internet for you all day long.  I have to counteract that!!

I am here to be your cheerleader.  You can do this.  And if you think I am different than you, you are wrong!

I know what it is like to have terrible cravings, that are so out of whack with what I really need.  Those unbearable cravings are the result of strict dieting.

I know what it is like to be good for weeks and then be bad and undo all the “good.”

Please give this a chance.  Give yourself a chance.

Your wonderful body (even if it doesn’t feel wonderful to you right now) is really hoping that you will listen to it.

As soon as you start, it will get louder.  But think of this, if you were “talking” and no one was listening, wouldn’t you get discouraged?  That is your body.  But what if all of the sudden someone, you!, started listening,  it wouldn’t take long for you to talk louder and more confidently, would it?

Listen listen listen.  Your voice is there.  Just stop ignoring it and it will come roaring back.