I Hope This Email Reprint Helps You

With permission from the author, I am sharing this email with you.  This genuine and heart felt email reflects the freedom and happiness developing a thin mentality brings to your life.

Hi Meg
Your book is amazing! I found myself laughing out loud a lot because I could relate to so many things! I think I’ve made the new years resolution every year for the past 10 that this will be my year!! This will be the year I lose the weight, haha. The the following Christmas I always find myself fatter than I started having tried 6 different fad diets that year, depressed and stuffing my face knowing that “next year I’ll really try, next year will be my year, I’ll start in January and this time I’ll have more willpower!” and so the cycle has continued!! 

What I also loved was your take on exercise! Now I enjoy exercise but I have always used it as a means to lose weight and I would only ever do the hardest thing I could find, I kick-boxed for years I used to dread going but I knew it would be a grueling workout (and I did always feel better after), I would get out of at 6am to a punishing boot camp convinced that I had to push myself as hard as possible to lose weight. Consequently my exercise, like my diet has been a yo-yo because i could never keep up with the demands I put on myself, I’d hammer it for 2/3 months then cave and not do anything for 1/2 months!! I started Zumba last year and I loved it!!!! I would get excited before the class, I loved been there, I would lose myself during the class in all the fun of the dancing and music and I’d be disappointed when it finished because it went over to fast!! But I stopped going because I didn’t think it was hard enough, it wasn’t punishment and I had convinced myself that in order to have any benefits you shouldn’t be able to move after a workout and should hurt for 3 days after it! How sad is that! I stopped something I loved to go back to my yo-yo exercise of punishment or nothing! Well no more! I went back to Zumba this week and I tried Bokwa and I loved it! The excitement came back and I don’t care that I wasn’t in pain the next day at the end of the day I enjoyed myself surely that’s what life’s all about. 

Thanks Meg, I’ll treasure the book I really will, I’ll read it again soon just to reinforce everything as I continue on my journey. I’m so grateful I found your site and I love your blog. 

I’m so happy, I’m not perfect at it yet, I think I’ve cracked the hunger thing. I now only eat when I’m hungry, I look forward to waiting until I’m hungry because I can only enjoy food now when I’m hungry it tastes so much better. The stopping when I’m satisfied is taking a bit longer to crack, I’m almost there I think and 80% of the time I manage it but I do still occasionally eat more, nothing like I used to mind I don’t “over eat” until I’m feeling sick anymore but I sometimes finish and think “I didnt need them last 3 bites” or “I didn’t need that chocolate” it’s usually when I’m eating with other people. The good thing is I’m aware of it when I’ve done it and I also HATE the feeling of been full, I hate it! It’s so uncomfortable I like to feel “normal” like a neutral feeling. So I’m getting there with that. It’s fun though, nothing’s a chore and I’m getting on with life once and for all. 

Thanks for listening to me, I’m sorry I bombard you with emails it’s just nice to talk to someone that understands what I’m saying. I think some of my friends and family think I’m on some new fad of mine that I’m going stop anytime soon do I try not to talk about it to them to much. Everyone’s commenting on how happy I seem and putting it down to my wedding and it is but it’s more to the fact that I feel free and I know now I’ll enjoy my wedding fully, I’ll enjoy the holiday and I don’t have the fear of gaining weight before it, during it or after it!! Ah I’m so happy.