In order to eat with hunger, you need to be able to identify it, right?

Our ancestors would surely roll their eyes at us if they saw how ridiculous our relationship with food has become.    I can't tell you how many times someone has said to me, "I don't even know when I am hungry."

So, when you are eating, grade each bite on a scale of 1-10 in terms of how great it is to be eating.  Do this a lot to notice how food feels when you are truly hungry, and how, even though you THINK food is always great, there are different levels of enjoyment.

Notice this!

That first bite with hunger, is it a 10?  How many bites are a 10?  What are bites 5-7 like?  Are they still a 10 or are they an 8 or a 5?

Once you are eating and you find yourself paying more attention to other things than the food, perhaps the pleasure is down to a 5? 

I would call that neutral and start pushing away from the table. 

And then give yourself a few minutes to see how you feel.  Is hunger still tapping on your shoulder? 

If it is, take a bit more.  How do you feel?

Get used to asking yourself these questions.  

I talk about hunger all the time because hunger is your guide.  You must pay attention to it, get to know it, and LOVE it. 

Love hunger?

You bet.  As long as you can afford to eat, hunger is an amazing drive that is extremely fun to satisfy, right?

Don't fear it, embrace it.  And when it fades, say to yourself, "As soon as hunger comes back, I will see what my body craves, and satisfy it and it will be delicious.

Hunger makes eating amazing.