Hunger And Fatigue

In my book I talk about 14 strategies of behaving like a thin person.   One of the strategies is learning to interpret hunger versus fatigue.

When you are tired, it is much, much harder to interpret your body’s hunger and satiety signals.  So, give yourself the benefit of getting the rest you need while you are trying to develop your thin mentality.

Think about it.  Everything is harder when you are tired, right?  Even though I have lived with a thin mentality for over 10 years, I notice that when I am tired I have a harder time discerning what to eat.

Of course that is natural and normal.

What do I do when this happens?

I remind myself that getting the rest I need makes my life, including eating, way better.  And, I figure out a way to catch up on my rest.

Please don’t tell yourself that you just can’t find the time you need to rest or sleep.  Make it a priority.  Getting your body to a healthy, thin state requires eating and sleeping in response and in harmony with your body’s needs.

So simple and common sense.  But we try to make it more complicated.

I have learned not to over schedule myself.  I am more valuable to those around me if I am in touch with what I need to do and feel my best.  And this kind of self-care goes a long way toward keeping me thin and feeling good.

So- bottom line:  in order to stay in touch with your hunger and satiety and cravings, make sure your body is in good form-  and that means rested.  Life is better when you aren’t tired, and when you eat what you want when you are hungry.