Why Your Scale Inhibits Permanent Weight Loss

The scale.   That little plate you step on to decide how you are doing. 

Are you up or down?  Was yesterday's eating as bad as you thought?  Did all those extra steps yesterday make you thinner?

Seems harmless, right?  Just a quick way to measure how you are doing?

Nope, not harmless at all.  

Frequent weighing makes you tune out your healthy thin mentality and instead strengthen your diet mentality.  Not.  What.  You.  Want.


Your effort to be "good" and track your eating, your weight and your steps may feel like you are taking action to lose weight and be healthy.

But when you constantly pay respect to those external sources instead of your own body, you are sacrificing the most powerful method you could possibly employ to lose weight permanently.

  • Stop listening to your scale, and start listening to your body. 
  • Stop checking your wearable tracker and start listening to your energy level. 
  • Stop drinking a prescribed amount of water and start listening to thirst. 
  • Stop overdoing cardio and listen to your fatigue.

You worry that if you take all your gadgets away - your scale, tracker,  or app - you will not know what to do, how much to eat,  or how many steps you need.  

But here is the pivotal point:

When you take all the gimmicks away, everything will get quiet.  It will feel empty.  And then, there will be room for your voice, your instincts, to rise again.    

In the quiet calm of no apps, and no scale you will be able to hear, once again, your hunger, and your satiety.  Many dieters say, "I don't even know when I am hungry anymore."  And that is a very bad place to be.

Without your own body's voice, you are vulnerable to every get thin quick scheme out there.    When you tune back into yourself, you will make discoveries about yourself that you could not have imagined, such as:

I can eat half a hamburger and stop and it is not hard to do...

I don't like breakfast...

When I am not hungry, it annoys me if someone tries to make me eat...

These are just of few of mine that I remember very vividly.  Yours may be similar, or quite different.  And that is how it is supposed to be.

Friends, that scale, that tracker, that app are not helping you get healthy thin.  They are helping you cement your diet mentality.  And being a dieter, and being healthy thin are completely different.

And guess which one is more fun, permanent, joyful and respectful of YOU.