How to use your Hunger to Eat Intuitively for Weight Loss

It is your job to reacquaint yourself with...YOU.

That means learning what your hunger feels like and how to make yourself feel well with food you love.

You must learn to embrace and appreciate your hunger as the gift it is.  Of course, this is only true if you have the means to afford food.  And we should always remember how lucky we are.

As well, understand that your first flicker of hunger isn't an emergency, and give your body a chance to experience that feeling.   

This way you can learn that different days hunger feels differently.   Some days that flicker of hunger will grow quickly.  Some days not.  You will learn to differentiate between these, and then take care of yourself appropriately.

This journey back into knowing how to take care of yourself with food is enjoyable, and something only you can do.   Of course the diet industry trained this out of us, but you can 100% get this back. Our bodies are resilient.

You will learn that you feel better, for example, if you drink a big glass of water with your lunch.  Or you may feel best with a hot cup of coffee.  You may feel best eating more in the day than you are used to, but less at night.  

All these things are great to discover, or actually rediscover, about yourself.

You will calmly embrace you, your hunger, and what makes you feel good.  And that calmness will allow your body's voice to be loud and clear to you, and you will have the guidance back that dieting took from you.