For you those of you who have posted comments saying that you have been doing well, but then feel very unsure and have struggled-  for instance one post on YouTube:
"I thought I finally had found the answer. I think you are so right about all you say. Unfortunately the last 10 days have been rough and I couldn't do it any longer. I only think about eating all the time and when I manage to wait for hunger I end up binging. I'm starting to feel like when I crack on a diet again and I'm so sad because I really think that this is the right way to get to my healthy weight... What am I doing wrong?"
I think the struggle is because this viewer is treating an HTM like a diet. 
And that will lead to that sense of cracking, and that sense of wanting to binge.  
To stop treating your HTM like a diet, stop judging.  Stop judging how much you ate or didn't eat.  Stop judging your day as a good day or a bad day.  And of course, don't weigh yourself.
This is because judgment disconnects you from your body.  And the scale is the worst judgment of all.
I am not saying you don't want to see a lower number.  I am saying that lower number comes when you stop paying attention to it, and start paying attention to hunger.  Period.  That is all that matters.  Are you hungry?  
You worrying about how you are doing keeps you worried, not connected.
You judging your eating keeps you judging, not connected.
Your spending mental energy on the "what if I found the perfect diet," keep you deluded, not connected.
Your HTM depends on you being connected to hunger, valuing hunger, and valuing a life where what you eat, and what you weigh are in their proper place, not the first thing you think of when you wake up, or the first thing you think of as you go to bed.
That lower number comes when you are connected to your hunger, not the scale, when you are connected to your hunger, and not your judgment.