How To Measure Your Progress

Weighing yourself to measure progress can be tricky.  It can act as a motive to eat whether you lose or gain.  If you lose, then you may be tempted to “reward” yourself.  If you gain, you will lose faith and think about giving up.

And remember that your body weight can fluctuate quite substantially – 3 pounds or more, depending on your hydration, hormones etc.  So you may be down a couple of pounds and your timing on weighing yourself was bad!

So although I understand that you want to weigh yourself, I recommend using something besides the scale to measure your size-  how your pants fit?  Tape measure?

But as you are developing your thin mentality, remember that the first thing that happens is that your brain gets thin.  This may take a while.  Once your brain regains its connection to your body- and you start hearing your hunger and satiety cues really loudly, you can then use your thin mentality to lose weight.

And during this the only thing you need to focus on is hearing your hunger and “Enough” signals.  You will make mistakes!  Of course.  But that is part of the process:  to learn to listen, learn what you truly love to eat,  and ignore everyone else’s advice and trust your body.  (If you don’t, who will?)

You will start to understand your hunger and not fear it.  You will look forward to being hungry.  You will relax and know that you will not eat an entire box of cookies.  You will begin to trust yourself.

And then, you can say to yourself, “I know my hunger, I know what foods I like.  I am going to eat until I am not hungry anymore, and then I am going to stop, knowing that my body isn’t asking for more.  By just satisfying my hunger, I will not overload myself ever, and slowly, my body will shed weight.  It will be permanent, non-traumatic to my body, and as I do so, I will enjoy eating more than I ever have because it will be in harmony with what I crave and hunger for.”

This is slow, folks.  But as I said in my Facebook post today-  what other choice do you have?  If you are looking for a quick fix, please let me remind you:  you will lose weight and gain it back and have to start all over.

It may help you to keep some notes on your hunger cycles.  Writing may help you learn about yourself faster and notice what kinds of foods satisfy you and how much food it takes to quiet your hunger.  NOthing fancy here, just maybe scribble a few thoughts and read then on another day when you need a little push.

My best advice is to stay connected with your thin mentality by:

  • visiting this site or other sites like this
  • read a couple of pages of the blog or my book or other similar messaged books
  • go on Facebook and read comments (and post them!! thanks!)
  • go on Youtube and watch videos that I have put up
  • in short- stay connected with your long term goal of being happy and thin, not obsessed, unhappy and overweight.

In case you are wondering why I am motivated to help you, here it is:  I worked for Nutrisystem and sold a lot of programs.  I saw smart, fabulous people work really hard to lose weight and then gain it back and be so depressed.  I too lost and gained and lost and gained and lost and gained and lost and gained etc., etc., etc.  I wasted a lot of my life on the absolutely flawed paradigm of dieting.  I honestly want to help you see the light.  My life is so so so much better without dieting.  I wish that I had someone help me discover this.  I am here to help you.

Liz, from Facebook posted this article-  it is great and may help motivate you.  It is long, just read a little and save it and read more later. !!  (and thanks again Liz)–_and_what_to_do_about_it

Let me know how you are doing!!
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Take care and “see the light!!”