How Do You Measure Success?

As a dieter, you were used to weighing yourself to see how “successful” you were.

And part of what motivated you was getting on that scale every morning and seeing “where you were.”  And when you started gaining it back, that weigh-in ruined your day.

I understand because I did that too- for years- oops, decades-  ugh.

But I implore you,  as you develop your thin mentality, do not use the scale to punish or praise yourself.

This does NOT mean that I want you “giving in” to being fat.  That is not why I recommend that you stop weighing yourself all the time.

I have just found that weighing yourself all the time is consistent with a diet mentality, not a thin mentality.  Naturally thin people do NOT weigh themselves all the time!

And we are copying the behavior of the naturally thin people, not the dieters, because we don’t want to be dieters for the rest of our lives!   We want to be normal, non-obsessed, naturally thin people.

Think about it this way.  If you adopt the behavior of a successful person, chances are, you have a good, very good, chance of becoming successful yourself.  Similarly, if you adopt the behavior of a naturally thin person…

So- instead of measuring success with your scale, measure it with how many times in a day you exhibited behavior consistent with naturally thin behavior.

For example:

You woke up this morning and cut a ciabatti roll in half and put it in the toaster.  You got it out, and buttered it.   You put your favorite preserves on the side cause you like to dip the bread in it.  Then, when you were half way through you asked yourself, “Do I really want the rest,or am I just eating it because it is in front of me and is still warm and smells good?”  You think about it and realize that a naturally thin person would stop eating now.  The bread was wonderful, but you aren’t hungry anymore.  And you say to yourself, “When I am hungry again, I can eat it.”

When you have a meal like this, give yourself a gold star.  And soon, when your wall is covered in ’em, you will have transformed your diet mentality into a thin mentality.  And, over a period of time, your body will match your mentality.

How long this will take depends of course on how much you have eaten for reasons other than hunger, (in other words, how heavy you are.)   Yes, it will take a while – if you are very heavy.  But really, what choice is there?  Are you going to diet, lose and then diet and gain?  Please, do not fool yourself and say, “Oh no, I really do think that I can diet and keep it off.”  You know, that isn’t true.

Remember,your body doesn’t want to be fat.  It is waiting for you to respect its “I am NOT hungry anymore” signals….

If you put it on a diet, you will lose, then gain, and what you gain will be all fat, and your metabolism will be slower and you will be worse off than when you started.  How do I know?  The best predictor of the future is the past…