How Do You Know Your Body Needs Food

When you just starting to build your healthy thin mentality, and ditch that debilitating diet mentality,  your body may need patience as you learn what hunger feels like.

Of course you are new at this and your body is confused.

Your best tool is to stay in the present.

Keep asking yourself, "Am I hungry."  

If you are not sure, try a bite.  Feel better? 

Sometimes that vague desire to eat is hunger.   Remember, hunger is expressed in many ways, through all of your senses. Just as when you are attracted to another human, there can be many signs or signals. 

Your job is to learn about you, about your hunger, about what makes you feel nourished and satiated and calm.  And what foods taste good, but leave you feeling poorly for whatever reason. 

For example, if I eat sweets on an empty stomach at four in the afternoon, I feel poorly.  So I don't do it!

Only you can do this "research" for yourself. 

This is a not a strange or revolutionary idea.

Mother Nature was going to make sure that we eat- so we survive.   So she gave us many signs that we should eat.  These include hunger, fatigue, feeling grumpy and more.

I used to ignore cues that I thought were not hunger. Now I know if I can’t get my mind off of food, I am indeed hungry, even if my stomach isn’t growling.

If you eat and your tastebuds explode,  you were hungry.   But there are other signs, and you must learn what your unique hunger signals are and how to satisfy them.  We are all different, so of course our hunger is as well. 

The way to lose weight with your healthy thin mentality is to delay eating more food when hunger is calm, or in neutral.  You must learn to "ride that edge" where hunger is quiet. 

And remember, another chance to eat is always around the corner, because you will be hungry again soon.  And it will be great.

YOU CAN DO THIS.  Give you self a chance!!