Holidays Don’t Need To Make You Gain Weight!

I know that Thanksgiving scares you.   Please insert other holiday for my international friends :).

You are afraid you will stuff yourself…

Perhaps you think this because you use previous holiday eating as an example of how “bad” you are when you give yourself the “green light” to eat what you want.

But even though you said to yourself-  “Eat what you want—which sounds like a thin mentality—it was NOT a thin mentality because your dialogue sounded like this:

“I am so tired of dieting and here comes Thanksgiving, and my family is all going to be here and I am going to enjoy myself and just eat whatever I want. 

Then, the Monday after Thanksgiving, I will be “really, really good” and diet really,really hard so that I lose weight for Christmas parties. 

And then, I will eat what I want at Christmas and then, starting January 1, I will be really, really, really good and go on a strict diet and get healthy and exercise more…

bla bla bla bla BLEH!

This kind of dialogue is the opposite of a thin mentality—it is a DIET mentality and it is destructive.

When you “binge” eat during the holidays and rationalize it by promising that you are going to go on a diet later, you are training yourself to disconnect from normal hunger and satiety cues.

You alternate hoarding food with starving yourself.  Does that sound smart?

Build your thin mentality and you will never fear holiday eating again.

With a thin mentality, everyday is Thanksgiving.  Everyday there is delicious food.   Everyday you have wonderful choices.  Everyday you enjoy eating what you love.

So don’t use past holiday eating as a way to tell yourself that you can’t be trusted eating the food you crave.  That is not representative of how a true commitment to a thin mentality would work for you.

I promise that you will find more joy and pleasure from eating one delicious plate of Thanksgiving food, than you used to when you succumbed to a binge, and ate four helpings. You felt bad, even as you were eating!  Don’t do that to yourself!!

Stick with this blog over the holidays to keep connected with building your thin mentality.