Naturally thin people respect the wisdom of their biological cues to eat and NOT to eat.

Where dieters frequently can't even recognize hunger, naturally thin eaters are completely connected with their hunger, and non hunger.  

All of this normalcy is lost when you diet.  

For example many diets tell you to eat "free" foods even though your stomach is full.  By disengaging from your hunger and satiety, ancient instincts that evolved over thousands of years, you handicap your ability to feed yourself properly.  

Your ability to guide yourself to what your body needs is lost.

To get it back, you must actively cultivate your body's voice again.  Coax it back by listening, taking a moment to notice how eating a food made you feel.

Thankfully, reconnecting with hunger and satiety is an enjoyable learning experience.  It is fun to rediscover your true food personality.  So instead of thinking this is hard, like a diet, understand that it is joyful.

And if you are worried that you don't have an instinct to Not Eat, consider this:  If you have ever overeaten and had that awful over-full feeling, that is your body telling you, "No more food."  That is your instinct to Not Eat.

When you reconnect with your body by building your Healthy Thin Mentality, you will be able to hear that more often, and that will guide you to stop eating.

Do you think that will be hard to do?  Not eating when you are Not hungry is way easier than dieting...  If you have ever dieted, you CAN do this!!!

And you will be so glad you did.