Halloween, No Problem

Don’t let Halloween scare you!

There is ZERO motivation to binge on candy with your thin mentality intact.

I used to be so “good” and not have one bite.  My willpower so “strong.”  Until I broke and shoved down ten at once.

Did I enjoy that?  No.  Even while I was eating them I was bummed out thinking about how I was going to have to starve myself the next day… or not.

Now, the big bowl of candy is no big deal.  It is just a bunch of candy.  When I get hungry, if I want some, I give myself full “permission” to have it.  It holds no magic, no power.  Nothing.

And it is so so interesting.  When I want something sweet now, it is very unlikely that I would pick that, because… I am picky now.

I wouldn’t waste my hunger on a candy bar unless it was the exact kind I love the most and I knew it was fresh.

I love it when I get hungry, I protect my hunger.  I don’t waste it on stuff I don’t love.

Why would I?  Why would you?

That bowl of candy that has been sitting there for a week doesn’t pass the test, usually.  I would rather have something hot and delicious out of the oven-  fresh cookies or whatever.

It may be different for you.  You may not even have a sweet tooth like me.

Value your hunger.   It is a gift from Mother Nature.  And take care of it with food you love, not some random candy bar just because it happens to be there…