Going To Bed Early To Avoid Eating?? UGH

When I was a dieter, I remember going to bed at 8 to avoid night-time eating?  What a sad way to live, don’t you think?

For me, that was a long time ago, and it makes me sad to think about it because it was so unnecessary.

If you are living with these kinds of  thoughts, then the first step is to realize that this is NOT an okay way to live.  Dieting has made you think that following your diet at all costs, is your number one goal.  No!

Your number one goal should be to reconnect eating with hunger one day, one “eating occasion” at a time.  The supreme joy and normalcy of this is your first reward.  The second is that your body will return to your ideal weight range.  Yes, by eating just what you require to quiet hunger, your body will begin to trust that you are listening to it.  No more urges to binge.  No more need to go to bed early to avoid the fridge… UGH!

This process of returning to the way Mother Nature intended us to eat is just that- a process.  It takes time and it takes understanding that dieting is the way to be a dieter, not the way to be your best, your ideal weight.

Please read these blogs to understand how wise this is.  I have a workbook to guide you through it too.  If you can’t afford it, email me.  I am committed to helping you, my friend, find the joy and freedom that I did.  Life is so so much better with food and eating in its proper place.