Here's a brand new way that I want you to think about as you get into 2022 and you're using healthy, thin mentality thinking to lose weight permanently.

Think about it like this instead of doing what a Dieter would do, which would be implementing very rigid rules. and trying to be so perfect. Don't think about rules. Think about policies more like you are your own little company and what policies do you have?

And that way, it's not so perfection on off driven. It's more: This is my policy. And of course, sometimes a policy gets broken, and that doesn't mean the policy is then obsolete or is now irrelevant.

It just means that you didn't follow the policy for that moment in time, and it releases you from that. "Oh, I really blew it. I'm done." I broke my resolution.

There's no breaking a policy you simply apply it as frequently as you can. If you need help with these kinds of thoughts, we have an online course and a couple of books available on our website.

And if you need help getting them, email me

But more examples of this are as a Dieter, you go out to dinner and you overdo it and you come home and then you just eat more because you've already blown it. That is that "resolution" kind of thinking where again, you're on or off - you are good or bad.

With a "policy" you would say  I'm going to go out to dinner and I am going to eat what my body is asking me for when I feel hunger. Then you go to that dinner. And because you're new with this, you maybe eat a little bit more than you wanted or you end up eating something you really didn't have any hunger for.

You're still making progress because you're aware of it, of what you're doing. So your "policy" is to match eating with hunger. And when you don't, you evaluate what went on.

And our workbook is a great place to practice this evaluation. This is important because with taking notes or journaling, you are "noticing" yourself. And getting to know yourself as a healthy the mentality eater is really important.

So you just take that moment to evaluate, as if you were your own company and an employee did something that wasn't quite right. You don't immediately fire them. No, you bring them in and you say, okay, what went on here? How can we do this better in the future?

That positive take on this is really important. And remember, your healthy thin mentality is built on positivity and love for yourself and love for the food appreciation that you even have food, because not everybody does, right?

So it's built on this positivity, whereas diet mentality thinking is very negative. It's, "Oh, no you blew it!" You're rule-driven. And when you break it, you feel guilty.

With a policy focus and your HTM,   you gently guide yourself to a beautiful place to live, where you eat in response to hunger. And you don't eat when hunger is quiet, you simply wait a little while until it percolates up again.

And then you get another great eating experience.

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We're trying to help people out of that rigid diet mentality that leads up and down weight. You know it does! Instead merge into this life of loving food, eating and being in your happy, healthy weight. Yes, you guys, you can do this. Stick with me. Okay? Have a great 2022 Happy new year to you all. And I'll see you soon on YouTube, IG, Tik Tok, Facebook and our private facebook group