Getting To Your Ideal Weight Permanently

So If diets make you fatter, what makes you thinner?

Getting your brain thin gets your body thin.

And a thin brain means no dieting.

Eat exactly the food you desire, when you are hungry.  When you are satiated, which is NOT the same as being full, stop eating.  Being full means you ate too much.  When you have to adjust your posture to accommodate your stomach, you are full.

So if you are wondering if you should eat those last few bites of your sandwich and five french fries, for example, then the answer is probably “No.”  Because chances are, if you are wondering, you have had enough.  If you were still hungry, you wouldn’t be wondering!

Save it, take it with you.  And, if in an hour you get hungry again, then eat it.

As your thin mentality gets stronger, you will get better and better at knowing if you need to finish your whole meal or leave some behind.

By the way, you won’t believe how great it is to leave food on your plate.   It gives you a feeling of power and control.  Because when you are on a diet, not only are you NOT eating when you want to eat, you are also always EATING everything on your plate, whether you like it or not.  Right?

So having the “right” to leave food behind is also very rewarding.  It puts YOU in charge of YOU.  And that is fantastic.

By the way, just for an example, I would guess that when I eat at a restaurant, I leave food on my plate 90% of the time.

When I was a dieter, I NEVER did. Now, I just about ALWAYS do.  It is not about being good. I am not “being good.”

I  am just staying true to myself and that feels great.

And, of course, I am very calm and happy knowing that whenever I get hungry again, even if it is in thirty minutes, I can enjoy some more food.