Fourteen Strategies From My Book

In an effort to help you develop your “thin mentality” I came up with fourteen strategies.  I write about them in my book.  But honestly, I know some people aren’t readers.   Over the next few weeks,  I am going to post a video on each strategy.

Here is the list of strategies:
  1. Promise you will never diet again
  2. Reacquaint yourself with hunger
  3. Stop fearing hunger
  4. Learn to respond to being hungry
  5. Stay in the moment
  6. Actively reconnect with your body
  7. Accept your body type
  8. Remember what your real choices are
  9. Stop weighing yourself
  10. Re-Examine nutrition
  11. Understand a thin mentality is cheaper than dieting
  12. Enjoy sports versus exercise
  13. Avoid a common confusion:  hungry or tired
  14. Statements I keep in mind
As you develop your thin mentality, you will come up with more strategies that work for you.
That is the beauty of developing  your thin mentality: your ability to eat in response to your unique situation.  And that situation includes your hunger, your likes, your dislikes, your schedule, and your activity level.
So, I can give you strategies, food choices and schedules that work for me.  And I think these examples are helpful.
But you will enjoy figuring out not only works for you, but what is most enjoyable for you.  Yes, you are on a quest to figure out the most joyful way for you to take care of your hunger.  It is a good “assignment.”
While you are getting good at this, follow one rule above all others:  eat when you are hungry.  Period.  And that means stopping when you aren’t hungry anymore.
As long as you follow that, you will be fine.  And you will get better and better at taking care of yourself, your hunger, in the most satisfying, convenient way.
For example, you may learn that you are never hungry at breakfast, but at eleven you are frequently really hungry for something high in protein.   So, you figure out a way to take care of that, and thereby, take care of yourself, and your biological urge to eat protein at 11 am.  How could that be wrong?
Oh, so your friend says, “Oh my diet says to eat by 8 am to avoid being hungry later in the morning.”  Why is it bad to be hungry later in the morning?  Why would you eat to “avoid” hunger?
Wait for hunger.  Eating is more fun that way.  (I am not talking about what I call Stage III hunger, where you are so hungry you are miserable.  I am talking about good hunger, where you still feel okay, but are definitely hungry!)
But remember to pay attention to yourself!  Just because you are usually hungry at 11 for protein, doesn’t mean you will Always be.  So everyday, check in with yourself and make sure you are not eating out of habit, but out of a true need.