Examples Of Thin Eating

I get a lot of people asking for specific examples of thin mentality eating so here is an example.

Today- got up early and raced out the door.  I did grab a cup of coffee that I love with a big shot of whole milk in it.  I wasn’t worried that I didn’t eat breakfast.  I wasn’t going to melt, and I wasn’t hungry anyway.  I knew that I would take care of myself somehow after my early meeting.

Then, at 10:30 I had some time so I ate a bagel and cream cheese with capers and onions and salmon.  I ordered ice tea which was awful so I threw it out.  A thin person rarely puts anything n their body that they don’t like.  (Dieters do that all the time, right?)

So yea, I had a bunch of fat and carbs for “brunch.”  Bad, right?  NO!  That was a trick question!!  It was delicious and salty, (I love salt- don’t know why, don’t care, my health and blood pressure are fine.)

Then I was busy with meetings and such and at around 4:30 I was hungry again.  I ate half a chicken wrap that had dressing and pine nuts and vegetables, and a coke.  a REAL coke on ice.  It was great.

Then at around 7 I finished the other half of that wrap and I had another coke.  That is really unusual for me to have two.  But I am not worried about it.  For some reason I really wanted it.

So if you “count up” my calories etc., it probably is very reasonable.

Honestly, it is even weird for me anymore to reflect on what I ate because I don’t worry about it anymore.  I just follow my instincts and spend my life on more important things than hyperventilating about the “best” lunch I could eat for my “diet/nutrition.”

And since I have been a thin mentality person for a long time, I am good at it.  I would guess that I won’t want sweet food tomorrow.  It just seems like that is how it is for me.  Some days I crave it, some days I don’t.  I satisfy it when I do, and I don’t shove it down when I don’t crave it.  I don’t eat out of habit or because I am going to work out later and can “eat more” today.

Let me go over that one again because that is a big one that I used to do.  If I knew I was going to work out later (I taught spinning and aerobics for years) I would eat more.  HOw stupid.  Even if I wasn’t hungry I would just overeat thinking that I would just burn it off later.

Don’t make that mistake.  It is a bad habit to eat when you aren’t hungry.   If you are hungry after you work out- eat!! But don’t “eat preventatively.”

Now, if you know that you start to feel really bad during exercise if you have an empty stomach, make some adjustments.  Eat a little something.

The whole point is that you have to learn about yourself.  You may need to eat a little before you work out.  I don’t.  We are not the same.  Do what is good for you.  And that involves learning about your hunger.

So, back to the point of this post, I had a nice day, and ate exactly what I wanted.  I didn’t over think it, or worry or stress out or stuff food down my mouth when I wasn’t hungry or skip eating when I was.

The day isn’t yet over-  who knows if I will eat some more before bed.  I am not worried about it, IF, that is IF I get hungry, I will have another opportunity for enjoyment today.