Example Of Thin Mentality Eating

Last night, I noticed I was hungry- pang, not pain- and anticipated that I would eat something wonderful before I went to bed.
Here is what happened.  I waited a bit to make sure I was hungry, and then I realized I was, and that I wanted something cold, salty and crunchy.
I ate a pickle.
As a dieter, I would have been so happy-  “Wow, I was hungry and got away with just eating a 10 calorie pickle.”
But I want to explain to you that that kind of thinking is no good!
As  thin mentality person, you don’t have that kind of judgment.  It didn’t matter to me how many calories it was  It was what my body got excited about eating when I gave myself some choices as I looked in the fridge.
I wasn’t being “good.”  I was being “relevant.”  By that I mean that I ate what my body wanted- so what I ate was “relevant” to my instincts.
And that is what matters.
I am not telling you to eat a pickle before bed! Ha!!   I don’t remember the last time a pickle was what I wanted.
But just keep your mind open to listen to your body.  Don’t try to talk your body into wanting ice cream before bed because you “think” that would be nice.
If your body physically craves it: fine.  Otherwise…
I promise, you can do this.  I know, as a dieter, you are skeptical.
But what I am advocating is actually really normal.   The diet industry and all of its relentless messaging has worked very hard to make us believe that this isn’t normal.
Again, thankfully, it is.