Everyone I Know Has Lost 100 Pounds

I have lost at least 100 pounds in my life.

No, not all at once.

But I have lost 10 pounds 10 times.

Have you?

Honestly, just about every woman I know has done this-

Okay my friends and I may be a bit older than you – but given enough time, and a diet mentality, I would venture to say that many, many women (and men!) have lost 100 pounds…

Losing it, of course, is not the issue.  Losing it is exciting, short term, creates “high fives” from admirers as you walk down the hall as your thinner self.

Keeping it off is the issue.

But the way we have been taught to lose it makes  keeping it off difficult, if not impossible.  The only people I know who have dieted and kept weight off, do so by continuing to diet.  That isn’t maintenance.  That is a long-term diet.

As I write, I picture you, my fellow ex-dieters out in the world where dieting is King.  I picture you being pressured by friends, your parents, your spouse and the diet industry.

And I want to make sure you hear my voice saying “NO!”  Stay connected to your thin mentality.

·      It isn’t quick, but it is permanent

·      It isn’t on TV, but you can access it here or on FaceBook for reinforcement anytime you need- or on Twitter.

·      It might earn you stares as you order food you want, instead of a salad and diet coke- Stare back at em!!

Eat what you love, when you are hungry.  Leave food behind, or bring it with you when your hunger is quiet.  Eating half a cheeseburger and 10 french fries is not “bad,” if that is what you crave.

Eating a salad and chemically diet coke when your body is asking for protein is silly.

Have a great day.   Peace!!

(Some day, future generations will look back on dieting and wonder why we all couldn’t see that it doesn’t work)