Every Day Is Different

To me, one of the best things about living with a thin mentality is that every day is different.  There are no rules for weekends versus weekday eating.  There is no eating out of habit.  There is no schedule.

There is just staying in the present and experiencing every day, and every time you are hungry as an independent opportunity to enjoy a wonderful pleasure: eating.

If “dinnertime” comes and I am not hungry, no big deal.  I enjoy sitting with family or friends but I don’t shove food down because of the clock.

If you think that this is really inconvenient, think again.  Dieting is inconvenient.  Listening to your body and tucking your dinner away for later, when you are hungry, is not.

Think how this changes your perspective.

Instead of agonizing over meal choices and forcing yourself to follow rules, you allow yourself to feel and be connected to your own body.

You are the only one who can do that, right?

Isn’t that a wonderful thing?  Why do we throw that away?

I actually get a kick out of how differently I eat from day to day.  It feels very powerful to have built that connection.  I am now really good at listening to myself.  I wasn’t at first.  You probably won’t be either.

But you will.

And even though you might not be good at it at first, as long as you continue to push food away when you ARE NOT HUNGRY, you will lose weight, and you will build your thin mentality. I am just pointing out that as you get better and better at using your thin mentality, you will enjoy food more and more.

(And remember, pushing away food when you aren’t hungry is just DELAYING eating, not DENYING)

You will lose your fear and angst over the whole diet/weight loss/weight gain pre occupation.  You will be able to focus on other, more important things.

Dieting has disconnected you from your natural instincts.  Fight to get them back.