Email From Californian Ex-Dieter Documenting Progress

This email is from someone who found this site and decided it was time to stop dieting.

By the way, I would never publish anything emailed to me, even without your name, without permission from you.

I got the OK to share this, and I hope it is helpful for you to read this.  Remember that your journey is your own, and may be substantially different from the following example.

“Good morning Meg,

My book arrived thank you!  I have read a little over half.  This past weekend and yesterday I reminded myself everyday that I’ve given up the diet mentality and food no longer controls me, it was a very liberating weekend.  Yesterday was a true learning day in terms of feeling my real hunger.  I waited to eat in the morning, ate what I wanted.  Was hungry again at 11, so ate, normally I’d wait till 12.  I was hungry again at 3, so ate again, again ate what I wanted, I was craving chicken   Got home at 5, not hungry.  Slightly hungry at 6, began eating left over veggies from the day before, and this is where I faltered for the day, I over ate the veggies past fullness because they were just veggies right?  Wrong, I than craved something sweet, I had a bowl of frozen yogurt, but not that I was stuffed I may as well eat something else I liked, I ate half a bag of frozen blueberries, again, already stuffed and not hungry.

I got your book on my porch about an hour later, perfect timing!!  Nice to be able to read and reinforce what I am going through.

I realize I might have these moments during this learning process of reconnecting with myself, and I am okay with that.  I didn’t berate myself, or tell myself its no use etc, because I know it was a matter of the lesson learned.”