Eating Out Of Habit Isn’t Thin Behavior

When you are trying to establish a thin mentality, beware of eating out of habit.  That includes not only what you are eating, but when.

Just because a clock says that it is 8 am, doesn’t mean you have to eat breakfast.  Always, always, always ask yourself, “Am I hungry?”

Some days you will eat breakfast.  Some days you may only want coffee.  Some days you will eat a lot at lunch, some days you won’t.  Same with dinner, and eating snacks.

There only rule you must pay attention to is: pay attention to your body!

You may think, “Well, I really like getting up in the morning and having a bowl of cereal, or whatever.”  Maybe you do, and maybe your body is a morning eater and you need that.  That could be completely fine for you.  So don’t fear that you have to give up eating something that you really crave.  You may really need that morning food.

But make sure it isn’t just a habit.  And eating out of habit may be ok, and you may enjoy the routine.  But, eating when you aren’t hungry, even if it is a nice routine, is so much less satisfying than waiting for true hunger.

Again, I know I say this a  lot, but don’t fear hunger.  Embrace that hunger means some really enjoyable eating is on the way!  I am not saying to suffer with hunger.  When you are hungry, eat!

Just experiment and learn about how you feel, when hunger is okay, and when it makes you feel bad.  Learn how to take care of it in the  most compatible way for your life.

If you know that you don’t like a big breakfast, but that by 10 am you are always really hungry, then figure out a way to take care of that.  Take something with you that you enjoy.

And learn how much, or how little, it takes to “calm” your hunger.  That is a really good thing to know.

So as you are learning to be a thin person, watch out for eating out of  habit, experiment with how to best take care of yourself.

Over time, you will get better and better at responding appropriately to your body.  And you are the only one who can do that for yourself….