Here's an example of living with a healthy thin mentality versus a diet mentality.
Scenario one, you're making food for your family and it's 5:00 pm.  You are really hungry because you're being "good." So you kind of you're a little grumpy because, well, you know that hungry grumpy feeling.
You're making food and it smells really great but you say to yourself, "I'm just not going to eat it. I'm just going to wait. I'm just going to make all this. 
And then you call the family to dinner.  But maybe your kids are straggling and you're repeating the call to dinner. 
And you now have this hunger and this negative tense energy because you feel desperate to eat, again because you are being "good."
And then they come in and finally everyone sits down and you're so hungry you just dive into the food and you're not even listening to the conversation.
You just dig in.
And it's so good because you were so hungry but you realize that in five minutes you've eaten way too much food.  
And then you think, "Great, now I've overeaten, and now I've completely ruined the day."
Okay, this is a better scenario.
It's 5:00 and you're making food for your family and you are connected with your healthy thin mentality because you've worked on it!
You've thought about it, and you've come to understand why diets don't work. Maybe you've done our workbook or online course and you've had some effort put into ditching your diet mentality and  infusing that empty space with a healthy thin mentality. 
So again it's 5:00 and you're making dinner for your family and you're definitely hungry. 
So you say, "Okay, I'm going to have some piece of cheese and a couple of crackers to take the edge off because I'm really hungry right now and I don't feel good, and I can't enjoy making dinner, because I'm hungry. Okay."
So you calmly get a little cheese and crackers and you just love it because you're so hungry, but you're not panicked. You have a few bites and you go, "Okay, now I feel good, and I can eat with my family, because I took the edge off.  I didn't totally squelch my hunger, I just calmed it down so that
I could happily finish making dinner. "
So you make dinner and the food still looks good. It's still going to be great. But you're not in that panicked mode anymore.
Have you ingested some calories? Yes. And as a dieter, you would be sad because you would think, "Now I can't eat as much at dinner."
But guess what?
When you ingest those calories, your hunger goes lower so you won't want to eat as much at dinner. The amount of "hunger sauce" that you have is smaller.
Does that mean you're not going to enjoy dinner as much? No.
You're actually going to enjoy it more because instead of getting kind of annoyed because your family is slow to come to the table, you feel good and you're "calm hungry," not "frantic hungry."
Now which scenario would you rather live in?