Eating Is Normal. Fearing Eating Is Not

Think of all of other biological “functions.”

Do you go to the bathroom when you don’t need to go.  Do you avoid the bathroom when you need to go?  Of course not.  That would be awful, stressful, and cause you harm.

Why is it okay to ignore hunger?

Why is it okay to eat when you aren’t hungry?

Short answer:  It isn’t.  It messes you up.  It is like playing with fire.

A study put normal men on a diet for two months.  The repercussions of that diet were devastating.  Both to their mental and physical health. They became food obsessed, gained back their weight, and had higher incidences of depression.

This study was done in the 1940s.

Do you know why there aren’t more studies like this being done?

Who would pay for them?

The diet industry doesn’t want to sponsor research that would make them the problem.

But, the diet industry IS THE PROBLEM.

The BILLIONS of dollars spent to disconnect you from your body has had a devastating effect on millions of us.

I know many of you reading this just can’t believe that the process that you have used to lose weight has actually made sustained weight loss impossible for you.  But it has.

But when you are desperate-  “I have 4 weeks to fit into that dress,” you are coming from a place of weakness and desperation.  You will make desperate decisions in an effort to “do something!, quick!”

And this is what the diet industry loves.  You will forget that you have lost weight many many times and have gained more back each time.

Don’t rely on me to convince you of the illogical and flawed paradigm of dieting.  Just examine your own life and those around you.

And in case you have a mother or boyfriend who says, “just exhibit some self control,” please remember this:  If you have ever been able to diet, you have plenty of self control. The fact that you can’t keep it off is NOT an indictment of your strength.

It is an indictment of the diet paradigm.

Please, be part of a movement against this misery.

And be thin by reconnecting with the beautiful body you were born with.

Even lumpy, out of shape bodies have that beauty.  So don’t despair.  It is in you.  You MUST let it out. You must reconnect.

Read these blogs for daily support.  Read my book for a comprehensive understanding of how to get started.  Follow me on twitter, @megmeranus, on youtube, diets are fattening – etc.

I am here trying to build a community of support for this smart, re-normalizaiton of eating.

I want you to be happy, relaxed and THIN.  No food obsessions, no guilt, and no motivation for bingeing.  Doesn’t that sound pleasant?

And if you know a persoIf you think you can’t do this, please remember that the diet industry has spent a lot of money making you believe that.  We were born with thin mentality.  Just like the animals in the forest.  Yes, you were.  Yes, you were.  Yes, you were.  You are a naturally thin person.  Rediscover that.  The extra pounds you are wearing now, do not mean that you were not.


Keep in touch, be part of this.  LIfe is so, so much better this way.

The first steps are baby steps, it gets easier, your body will talk to you when you start listening…