Eating A Huge Salad Teaches You To Ignore Satiety

I used to woof down huge salads when I was a dieter.  Oh sure, they had vegetables and I was careful with the dressing etc.  So yes, they were ever so “healthful.”

But, since this was all I was “allowed” to eat, plus maybe a little plain chicken and a diet jello, I made darn sure I ate every last bite. Does this sound familiar?  Do you know what this teaches you?  It teaches you to ignore your stomach that is bloated with broccoli and cauliflower, and instead eat because of the future- as in – you are not allowed to eat later so stock up now.

This is absolutely backwards.

Overloading your stomach is never a good idea.  Right? Does it feel good?  No!  So listen to your body telling you to stop.  Again, even if you know what you are eating is nutritious.

Instead, train yourself to eat until you aren’t hungry anymore.  Eat until you are in the happy state of being satisfied but still feeling good and breathing normally for goodness sake!!

Remember, eating past satiety is a habit – that you can break.  Don’t be afraid!  It is not eating when you ARE hungry that is hard.  When you learn that any ole time your body asks for food you can eat, you will no longer fear hunger and your diet mentality will fade away.  YEA!