Dr. Oz And The Apple Test

Dr. Oz had an “expert” on his show to tell you how you know when you are hungry.

She said that if you don’t know whether or not you are hungry, test yourself with an apple.  If you don’t want the apple, then you aren’t hungry.

Okay, I just know that wouldn’t work for me.  When I am hungry, I am not just “hungry.”  I am hungry FOR something specific.  It is extremely variable, and I believe reflects my activity level. 

For example, if I worked out and perspired a lot, I tend to crave salty food.  Just an example, whatever.

If I tested myself with that apple, it would make me feel bad.  Okay, I don’t want that apple.  So I am not hungry?  No!  I am not hungry for an apple.  I need a big hunk of cheese.  Or I want a cold pickle.  Or I need a bowl of cereal with milk and bananas.  Whatever.

If I waited until I wanted that apple, I would be in what I call stage 3 hunger, where I am really,  hungry, and I lose my ability to be picky and select food that I want. 

An example in my book is when I get to a restaurant and I am in stage 3 hunger so I just eat some bread I don’t even like because I am that hungry.  That is not a good place to be.

Stage 2 hunger is where you are distracted from your life by your hunger, but you aren’t desperate to eat an apple for example!

So, my advice to you is that you should get better at really listening to your body and not “threaten” it with an apple that you don’t want.  That creates mistrust between your body and you.  It smells of a diet mentality.


When all threats of unwanted apples and diets are gone, the wisdom of your body will emerge!

No get quiet and listen…