Don’t Let The Diet Industry Make More Money Off Of You

Why are we constantly hyperventilating over finding the perfect food combination for optimum health or the quickest way to lose weight, or the best exercise?

How did we all get so caught up in this?

Well, it is because diet and nutrition companies make money on promoting nutrition and weight loss products.  In the United States alone, it is a 65 BILLION DOLLAR a year industry.

And to sell these products, they have to create a need.

So through an extraordinary amount of advertising, the diet industry has convinced us that we need them.

But developing your healthy thin mentality is cheap!

It won’t make any company any profits.  And, it won’t require lots of supplies or special foods.

It is funny, though.  I think that we have all gotten so used to eating and dieting, that at first you might miss the the angst of dieting.

I mean it does give you something juicy to talk about with your friends, right?

But, believe me, once you stop dieting, you will think of other, much better topics of conversation!  You really won’t miss it at all!