Don’t Conform To The Profit Driven Diet Industry

The Diet Industry teaches you that as long as food is low calorie, you can eat it.  So instead of eating a cup of potato chips, you eat a gallon of dry popcorn.  Instead of drinking a can of coke, you drink a liter of diet soda.  Instead of having a small salad with your favorite dressing, you eat a platter of plain vegetables.

Do you see how this could pervert your relationship with food?

You learn to ignore your own signals.  Full?  Shove a few more veggies down because they are “free.”  You love potato chips but you forgo them and drown yourself if popcorn?  Craving a sweet bubbly soda with real sugar but you think you are being “good” by guzzling diet soda instead.

So, you are full, yet you eat.  And when you are hungry, you don’t eat or you don’t eat what you want.

The diet industry is always promoting that the way to be thin is to behave like this!  It permeates our culture, right?

So as you embark on your thin mentality repeat the following sentences to yourself:

  1. I don’t want to be a dieter.  I want to be a healthy thin person.  (Not weird skinny!!)  So I am reconnecting eating with hunger and eating like a naturally thin person.
  2. I don’t want to fear food.   As long as I connect eating with true hunger, I have nothing to worry about.
  3. I do not want to obsess about my weight.  I don’t weigh myself  because the only thing that matters is my hunger level.  And I know that as I reconnect eating with hunger, I will get to my ideal weight range.

If you have a deeply ingrained diet mentality, as I did- repeat these to yourself everyday until your thin mentality is second nature– It took me a year!  (But it was a good year)