Don’t Be Fooled By Jennifer Hudson Ad

I just saw Jennifer Hudson’s ad on TV for Weight Watchers.  I have already seen this commercial so many times that I can sing along with it.  The words talk about being free.  So ironic.

Going on a Weight Watchers diet isn’t glamorous, like Jennifer in her beautiful dress, or fun, despite all the smiling faces.  It is the opposite of freedom.  It is food jail.  Weight Watchers highlights the short term success of its celebrity spokespeople so that you will ignore the failure of diets all around you.  Look at your own life.  Don’t be fooled by the people in the frame of your TV.

If diets worked long term, we would all be scrawny.

If you want to lose weight and you don’t care that you will gain it back, go on a diet.
Do you think I am assuming too much?

How many diets have you been on.  Have you ever kept it off.  If you did, you wouldn’t be considering another diet.

Do you believe that Weight Watchers or any diet program is going to put as much effort into your maintaing your weight loss as is does in helping you lose it?  Look at the commercials.  The amount of time they spend mentioning “maintenance” is much smaller than the time spent talking about weight loss.

There isn’t money in maintenance!  Come on guys, get real!

The money is in helping people lose weight, and getting them back a couple of years later when they think it is their weakness that they gained all the weight back and they need professional help to lose this weight AGAIN.


As you are making your transition to a thin mentality you need to constantly remind yourself that you are doing the right thing.  Read parts of my book that resonate for you.  Start a discussion forum and talk to fellow “thin mentality” converts.  Email me with questions or issues you run into.  I am here to help you stay strong in your very smart, very logical, very enlightened decision to regain your thin self by changing your perspective on food and its role in your life.

Hint:  it is a wonderful pleasure that you deserve to enjoy in quantities appropriate for your body.