If you were born in a long lanky body, you are a ectomorph. 

If you were born, as I was, in a body that is average width and curve,  you are a mesomorph. 

And if you were born curvier, you are an endomorph.

And guess what:  You cannot fight this essential truth about yourself without  embarking on a life long war with Mother Nature. 

Do. Not. Do. This.  

Just as you can't diet yourself tall or short, you cannot change your basic body type.  


Honor your body type.

Once you make peace with that, you can stop fighting Mother Nature, and join forces with her instead.

So thoughts go from: 

I want to be really slender like my friend so I will go on this new diet I saw on Pinterest.


I want to be in my happy healthy weight range so I will connect with the hunger and satiety cues that Mother Nature gave to me to guide me.

Embracing your Healthy Thin Mentality will unleash your body's power to show you what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat.

Yes, all this guidance is within you!

And when you appreciate this guidance, you lose weight.  Yes. You do. 

If you don't think your body is smart, consider this great story one of our friends on YouTube left in the comments

Her dad had the most healthy, beautiful cows and all the other ranchers wondered how he managed that year after year.

He put out "vitamin licks," with various nutrients that the cows could come and lick.  And they did. 

Some cows would go for the vitamin D or whatever, and others would go for a different one.


They licked the vitamins that their bodies needed and didn't lick the ones they didn't need.  

And so, he had the healthiest cows in the land.  

We have that same innate instinct.  Yes. We. Do.

Stop fighting Mother Nature.  Listen to her instead.  Eat when she gives you hunger.  Delay eating more when the hunger is quiet.  Eat what your body is craving, ask your body, using your eyes, nose - all your senses, "What would nourish me now?"

And yes, sometimes the answer will be vegetables with a crisp lemon vinaigrette, or a fluffy roll with butter or chicken cacciatore or raspberries or cake.

And, yes, cake, when you crave it, is nourishing too. 

Food is beautiful, and your body is beautifully smart.  Listen.